Super 7 - Andre the Giant Ultimates 8” Action Figure

Andre the Giant: The 8th Wonder of the World

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Andre the Giant: The 8th Wonder of the World! One of the most recognized icons of the 20th Century from his exploits in the wrestling ring and on the movie and television screen. The Andre the Giant Ultimate Figure is a 10.75 inch tall, highly articulated and fully poseable action figure. It will come packaged in a deluxe slip case-style box that presents Andre in all his larger-than-life greatness.


The Andre the Giant Action Figure features:

  • Alternate head laughing
  • Alternate head serious
  • Alternate head young
  • Four (4) sets of hands
  • Two (2) fabric vests
  • One (1) can of beer

"Andre the Giant™ and Andre Roussimoff™ are trademarks of and licensed by The Andre R Roussimoff Testamentary Trust."

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