Mattel - Masters of the Universe: Skeletor 6" Club Grayskull

Kneel before your master!

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Hatfield v. McCoy. Hamilton v. Burr. He-Man v. Skeletor. When it comes to epic feuds, Old Bone Face can compete with the best of them. Locked in a battle for control of Eternia, villainous Skeletor is determined to conquer all at any cost! This Filmation-style figure pays homage to the animated series in 6 scale and comes with his Havoc Staff and Energy Blade.
5 Things to Know About Skeletor
AKA: Evil Lord of Destruction, Skelly
Known For: Devious plots, dim-witted associates
Associates: Beast Man, Trap Jaw
Ultimate Goal: To rule the universe
Favorite Saying: Kneel before your master!

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